I’m a sexy kinky 41 year old woman with a big personality and curves to match!


Without question, the most difficult part of these sites is writing about yourself. There is nothing natural about coming up with braggadocios rhetoric lol. I'm just going to be real here. A lot of people are not going to read all of this text, but some will. Everyone really should, my personality is by far the most attractive part of me. I've been a professional dominatrix for a long time and as with anything, you go through different phases. I have certainly been through my glossy phase and my bitch phase - I'm just me now I will do exactly what I please and take you with me

I'm a normal friendly neighborhood women - with big kinky secrets. You would never guess in the grocery store that I was doing all kinds of dirty things earlier that afternoon. I have wonderful friends and I'm close with my family, (who do know about this). When you have no need for secrets you can truly feel free.

I'm a lot of fun. I'm sexy and open to many unusual things, and I'm really good with my hands - and have energy you want to be around. I also can't go 10 minutes without cracking wise. People sometimes see me as somewhat strict, I expect others to do what I tell them the first time. More, I expect them to anticipate what I would like and do it for me without having to be asked. Like a 50s housewife character - always pleasant, but do as you're told.

Powerful men have always entertained me as a muse and I am very comfortable in that role. Sometimes a man can find himself in positions that are unexpectedly limiting. You have a wonderful life and business, but there are just things you want to talk about and you don't always feel like you can open up without losing face. It can be difficult to allow yourself to be seen in a soft state. You can be vulnerable with me, I hold a safe space for you and guard your secrets with dignity and respect.