I'm not your hotwife I'm your notwife

As a dedicated size queen Queen of Spades, my bulls are tall, aggressive , handsome, and hung.


If you're lucky, I’ll let you watch me play with them

If you're really lucky they'll decide to play with you too…

They are all very experienced and enthusiastic about humiliating you alongside me


These are “no limits” scenes

Each of my Bulls has something different and special about them. Some are going to interact more intimately with a cuckold, and some of them less. Just as with me, their level of engagement is determined by their mood, personality, and desire to add specific elements to a scene.

These scenes are a lot of fun, but they aren't a standard session. This is a special type of experience with its own tribute. You must first have a one on one session with me before I will consider bringing in my Bulls.

What's important is that everybody has fun No matter how aggressive my gentlemen are, I guarantee that you will not be harmed, just as in a solo session with me.