My name is Diana, but you may call me Princess. 


I am a gracious, well educated, passionate, woman. My play style is best described as playful, sensual, and fun while still maintaining easy courtly control.  I don't care for high protocol scenes as I simply expect to receive respectful reverential treatment as a matter of course.


I focus on what I call Domestic BDSM. Tease and denial is far and away my favorite activity. When I feel the energy flowing through you as I push you to the edge over and over *kiss fingers* delicious. Combined with some bondage - magnificent. 


I do enjoy other activities such as role play, light corporal, chastity, worship etc. Feel free to inquire about any reasonable interests. I prefer to spend time with mature individuals and create long lasting relationships with mature generous individuals.


Scheduling an Appointment

I meet in my home opposed to a dungeon environment, it's where I'm most comfortable. I like natural light and a relaxed atmosphere. I prefer to spend my time with mature individuals and create long lasting relationships.

To discuss a meeting, send me an email briefly outlining your interests and limits. There are no same or next day appointments if we have not met before. Expect to plan a week or two in advance. I only meet in the afternoon and very early evening, and only once a day.



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